The Bonding Trip – Part One

The sun moved behind the Chiso Mountains in the distance, causing the brilliant streaks of white light to create a sharp contrast between the mountain and the sky. We had been going towards those mountains, but we were stuck alongside the I-10 highway. For more than an hour, I’d been sitting inside the disabled RV, watching our “Corporate Mentors” debate the best way of fixing the burst hose in the engine compartment. Through the window, the light fades away, and the desert sky turns a beautiful indigo blue. I can hear someone talking on their phone to the RV rental service, but the sky draws my attention back as the desert completes it phase from light to night. I head outside to the back of the RV, away from cabin light, and scan the pitch-black sky. I glimpse at the ground as something scurries by my feet, and when I look back to the sky, it is full of twinkling stars. The desert air cools quickly. I stick my hands in my pockets and sit on the bumper, wondering if I can see the Marfa lights from here.


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