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Deep in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest and harshest places on Earth, lies the 121-year-old San José copper mine. A few years ago, a cave-in trapped a group of thirty-three men, who became known around the world as “Los 33″. They were rescued 69 days later, but a man, known only as “Miner #34″ (or plain ole “#34″) remained lost in the mine due to a simple clerical error. His only salvation is a high speed internet connection.
So, lost and alone, #34 remains on the job,  mining deep into the internet, digging for nuggets of information forgotten, places never known, and things we never even knew existed. From deep within that dark mine, he posts the gems he finds. Each post from the cooper mine is a brief, fascinating glimpse at the unknown. A tale captured in web-amber and put on display.

miner monster


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