about miner #34

 Not much is known about Miner #34. When rumors started going around that someone might have been left behind in the old (now defunct) San Jose Mine, and the name of someone calling himself “Miner #34” started popping up on various mining company blogs, the former San Jose Mine owner’s moved quickly to squash the chatter. They claim to have no knowledge of a 34th miner and everybody trapped in the mine had been rescued. They maintain to this day that anything concerning a “Miner #34” is part of  some kind of elaborate hoax.

In the nearby town of Copiapó, some of the older Chilean’s will tell a tale about Miner #34. They say he was actually was born long ago, deep underground in the same area of the mine, in a place so dark, no one even believed ‘light’ existed. Whispering, they’ll tell you that his mother was a deep-cave Salamander, blind and lonely, while his father was a handsome, finely-dressed Copper Miner. There, deep within the same caverns, that handsome miner would serenade #34’s mom, beguiling her with hip-hop versions of old bluegrass songs. They fell deeply in love, and the townspeople believe that Miner #34, trapped deep in the mine, is a product of their love.



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