Toys for the Copper Mine


Did you you ever happen to notice that whenever there’s a “major news story,” two things will always happen afterwards. First , someone will buy the idea and make a movie out of it (I hear they’re making one about “Los 33,” with Antonio Banderas playing the lead). The second thing they always try do is make some kind of toy out of the event. I was reading the comment section for the mens Wolf print t-shirts on Amazon, when Amazon ‘suggested’ the Chilean Mine Rescue toy set to me.

I was intrigued enough to buy it because of a couple of things. Two of the figures happen to look like a couple of my actual co-workers, Cristobal and Vincente (dos de los mineros más perezosos en Chile). The toy set also includes the “wives and mistresses”  and “El Presidente with hugging action.” You don’t see that as a feature on many toys.
I ordered one toy set for myself, of course. Amazon will deliver anywhere.



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